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My Experience Drinking Tusker Beer (In the U.S.)

Tusker BeerAfter a long bike ride on a Saturday afternoon, I stopped in at a South African pub on the way home, in Los Angeles, to quench my thirst and replenish some carbs.  One of the beers they were promoting that day was Tusker from East Africa.  I ordered one, poured it into a glass and tried to savor the first East African beer I had ever tasted.  Tusker is a pale yellow color and becomes white and creamy at the top when you pour it.  It’s slightly sweet, a little fruity and maybe a tad sour.  It’s fairly light in body and a little watery.  Maybe my extreme thirst caused me to find it better tasting than it really is but it wasn’t bad.  I was sitting next to a guy from Zimbabwe and he told me that Tusker in Africa is actually much stronger than the American version.  He really didn’t like the American version that much but liked Tusker in Africa.  I’ll take his word for it.  For those of us in the States who like to try different beers from around the world, Tusker had a unique taste but I’d rate it an average beer.  Hopefully, next time I try it I’ll be sitting in a bar in Africa.  Cheers!


Van Der Heyden Vineyards
4057 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558

Van Der Heyden Vineyards in Napa CA USA


Van Der Heyden is the place to be if you like small, family owned boutique wineries.  When you pull in you feel like you are visiting family or friends on a farm.  There are dogs running around, beautiful vineyards, and a small quaint tasting room off the driveway into the property.  The family moved to California from Holland in the 1960’s.  They have a late harvest Cabernet Sauvignon which is very unique.  They are also friendly and laid-back and you are sure to enjoy your stop here.  Much of Napa is now occupied by large grand wineries and the boutiques like Van Der Heyden are a nice contrast.


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